🧸Vocal Happy Birthday Teddy Bear🎂

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I gave this to my niece at her birthday party, and her friends were envious of it!!!!

  • Birthday song how to sing to be more meaningful? What toys can children also receive happily, but also entertain adults? This Vocal Happy Birthday Teddy Bear meets your needs, whether as a birthday gift or a newborn's first gift! It is very suitable!
  • Embrace it! Sway along with the song! Blow out the candles!

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  • Please do not start the toy while it is charging


  • Material: Cotton+Long plush
  • Size:14.5 inch
  • Charging Model: Type-C
  • Weight: 480g
  • Package Include: 1 * Vocal Happy Birthday Teddy Bear

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💦Notes to buyers

About hair removal

Dear, after you received the goods, you found that the hair was shedding? Please don't worry, the plush toy itself does not shed hair, Because it is a new product, there will be some floating hair and filling fibers, After you get it, pat it a few times, shake it a few times, and the floating hair will be removed.

★About size

All are measured in kind, the plush toy itself is soft and there will be a certain error (about 3 cm)

★About packaging

We use plush vacuuming equipment to vacuum pack, because plush toys are relatively large in size. The product can be better protected only after being evacuated and transported, so when you receive the product, it is slightly different than the description Small or a little wrinkled, please don't be surprised, because this is a normal phenomenon, shake it a few times after opening, expose it to the sun for half an hour, and it will recover immediately!